How Do I Know What Freehub I Need?

Are Freehubs universal?

Of the freehub bodies out there, there are a number of different types, different types have different benefits but mainly are simply a matter of compatibility with the appropriate groupset you run on your bicycle..

How do I install a freewheel?

Freewheel InstallationLubricate heavily with grease or anti-seize inside mounting threads of freewheel.Lay wheel on bench, and hold flat. … Sight right side of hub and freewheel. … Begin threading cogs clockwise by hand until freewheel feels fully threaded. … Seat the freewheel:More items…•

Can you convert freewheel to cassette?

1 Answer. No, it is not possible. You need to replace the entire hub, and the easiest way to do that is to replace the entire wheel.

Can I put an 8 speed cassette on a 7 speed wheel?

A 7 and 8 speed cassette have the same amount of space between each cog. … Simply put – 8, 9, 10 speed cassettes all fit on the same hub. A seven speed cassette will fit on an 8 speed freehub with the use of a spacer.

Are all Shimano Freehubs the same?

Most Shimano Freehub bodies are interchangeable. The exceptions are: … FH-7850 and FH-7900 Dura-Ace bodies, which have returned to a splined attachment between Freehub body and hub shell, but it is larger than the usual one. It is similar but not interchangeable between these two models.

How do I know if my freehub needs replacing?

Check the freehub for wear to see if it needs replacing or just cleaning and relubing. To do this, firmly grab the splined body and give it a wiggle. If it moves more than a couple of millimetres side to side, replace it. Otherwise, a good clean and oil will do fine.

How do I install freehub body?

It may be necessary to squeeze pawls to fit freehub fully into body.Install axle into hub body from left side.Grease threads of end cap. Thread end cap onto axle. … Push axle side to side and note any movement. Turn pre-load adjusting ring clockwise until no side to side movement detected.

How long do hubs last?

about 100,000 milesThe hub assemblies will usually have bearings in them that can wear out over time. When the car is ran, the hub assemblies will have to work to ensure that the wheels turn as they should. The wheel hub assemblies on a car are intended to last for about 100,000 miles.

Do I have a freewheel or freehub?

Older bikes may have a large external thread machined into the hub. The cogs and ratcheting body assembly, called a “freewheel,” threads onto the hub. … If the fittings spin with the cogs, it is a cassette system with a freehub. If the tool fittings do not spin with the cogs, it is a threaded freewheel system.

Can I use a 10 speed crankset with 11 speed?

You can certainly use a Shimano 10-speed double crank and chainrings with Shimano 11-speed chain, derailleurs, shifters and cassette, however.

When should I replace my bike hub?

For those hub using cartridge bearings, the entire unit can be replaced when balls or races are damaged. Similarly, cup and cone hubs can be overhauled with new parts (cones and bearings) though not all have replaceable cups, so once pitted, the hub will have to be replaced.

Are cassettes better than freewheels?

A cassette is the more modern option and has quickly overtaken the freewheel. It comprises a collection of independent cogs set on layered rings that come apart and slot onto the body of the (also more modern) freehub component.

How long does a freehub last?

If it wears out completely you end up pedalling fast and going nowhere. Mine seem to last about 5,000 to 10,000 miles and the usual signs of wear are noises and play. Price depends on quality, but they’re not bank-breakers.

How do I change my freehub body?

Step 1: Diagnose the Problem! … Step 2: Remove the Cassette. … Step 3: Remove the Axle. … Step 4: Remove the Broken Freehub Body. … Step 5: Find a Replacement Freehub Body. … Step 6: Install New Freehub Body. … Step 7: Replace the Axle. … Step 8: Install Cassette.More items…

When should I replace my freewheel?

The old freewheel is worn to the old chain, and will skip on the new chain. However, it’s not usually worth replacing unless you test it and verify that it’s worn badly enough to skip. If it doesn’t skip, you’re fine.