Question: Can I Turn Off My Passenger Airbag?

Should I turn off my passenger airbag?

However, there are times when you should disable the passenger side airbag: When you’re travelling with a baby in a rear-facing child seat in the front passenger seat.

The deployment of an airbag where a rearward-facing baby seat is in place can cause serious injury to the child or even death..

What age should you turn airbag off?

In a post on Facebook, Child Seat Safety says children below the age of 12-years-old ‘are the most at risk when the frontal airbag deploys in a crash’. The post also stresses that for anyone putting a rear facing child seat in the front passenger seat, it’s a legal requirement to first deactivate the airbag.

Should you turn off airbag when child is in the front?

In the case of children, you should bear in mind that they should always travel in the back seats. However, if for any reason they are obliged to travel in the front passenger seat in their child restraint system, it is important that you disable the airbag.

Should passenger airbag light be on or off?

Sensors monitor the weight (so airbag would not deploy injuring a child, or pet etc). If there is someone sitting in passenger seat, this light should be off. If its on in this case, have the person re-adjust their position & then you may need to turn car off & restart.

Why is my passenger airbag off?

Your passenger airbag will turn off if your passenger is: Light enough that the weight sensor detects that someone is occupying the seat, but not heavy enough that deploying the airbag is a wise idea. The sensor believes the person sitting in this chair is too light and deploying the airbag would be unsafe for them.

What Age Can child sit in front with airbag?

12 yearsIf a child restraint is not available, children under 3 years must travel in the rear, but may be unrestrained. Children 3 years and over, up to 135cm tall must sit in the rear and use an adult seat belt. Children aged 12 years or more, or over 135cm tall, may travel the front, but must wear the seat belt.