Question: Is Equivalate A Real Word?

What is the equivalent of 7 3?

Equivalent Fractions for 7/3: There are infinity equivalent fractions to 73.

See some examples: 73, 146, 219, 2812, 3515, 4218, 4921, 5624, 6327, 7030, 7733, 8436, 9139, 9842, 10545, 11248, 11951, 12654, 13357, 14060….

What are equivalent sentences?

Definition: An equivalent sentence is similar in meaning to the original, even though the structure and words are different. Engaging in identifying equivalent sentences is an important activity that can be used to improve your paraphrasing skills and, by extension, summary writing.

What is a noun equivalent?

: a word group (as to err in “to err is human”) or a word (as they in “they are hungry”) not otherwise a noun in a syntactic function that is ordinarily performed by a noun.

What is equivalent in math?

The term “equivalent” in math refers to two values, numbers or quantities which are the same. The equivalence of two such quantities is denoted by a bar over an equal sign.

What is equivalent set?

What are Equivalent Sets? To be equivalent, the sets should have the same cardinality. … Definition 2: Two sets A and B are said to be equivalent if they have the same cardinality i.e. n(A) = n(B). In general, we can say, two sets are equivalent to each other if the number of elements in both the sets is equal.

What does Equivalate mean?

(transitive) To equate, to consider or make equal or equivalent (to, with).

How do you spell Equivalate?

To equate, to consider or make equal or equivalent (to, with). To equal, to be equivalent (to).

What is the verb of equivalent?

equivalence. (transitive) To be equivalent or equal to; to counterbalance.

Is Equivalent an adjective?

adjective. equal in value, measure, force, effect, significance, etc.: His silence is equivalent to an admission of guilt.

What is the equivalent of 3 9?

Equivalent Fractions ChartFractionEquivalent Fractions1/32/63/92/34/66/91/42/83/123/46/89/1219 more rows

What part of speech is equivalent?

equivalentpart of speech:adjectiverelated words:equal, similarpart of speech:noundefinition:something that is the same or equal. One dollar is the equivalent of one hundred pennies. synonyms: counterpart, equal, match similar words: parallelrelated words:change, match3 more rows

What is a synonym for equivalent?

Some common synonyms of equivalent are equal, identical, same, selfsame, and very. While all these words mean “not different or not differing from one another,” equivalent implies amounting to the same thing in worth or significance.