Question: What Part Of Speech Is Blur?

What do u mean by Blur?

1 : a smear or stain that obscures.

2 : something vaguely or indistinctly perceived The words are just a blur without his glasses.

The whole weekend is a blur to me.

especially : something moving or occurring too quickly to be clearly seen passed by in a blur of motion..

How do you use blur in a sentence?

Blur sentence examplesTears made her vision blur again. … She couldn’t make out what was in the garden, but she heard the sounds of fountains and saw the dark green blur of a forest in the distance. … She looked away, outside, at the blur of snow as he continued. … Reaching her car, she drove home in a blur of tears.More items…

What is blur product?

Blurring makeup products and smoothing primers are said to completely blend out lines, reduce the appearance of large pores and give an airbrushed look.

Is blur an adjective?

Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verb blur which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts. (of an image) Not clear, crisp, or focused; having fuzzy edges. (figuratively) Not clear, not with well-defined boundaries.

What does blur out mean?

1. blurt out – utter impulsively; “He blurted out the secret”; “He blundered his stupid ideas” blunder out, blurt, ejaculate, blunder. mouth, speak, talk, verbalise, verbalize, utter – express in speech; “She talks a lot of nonsense”; “This depressed patient does not verbalize”

What is blur event?

The blur event fires when an element has lost focus. The main difference between this event and focusout is that focusout bubbles while blur does not. The opposite of blur is focus . Bubbles. No.

Is blur a noun?

noun. a smudge or smear that obscures: a blur of smoke. a blurred condition; indistinctness: They could see nothing in the foggy blur. something seen indistinctly: The ship appeared as a blur against the horizon.

Is distinguished an adjective or adverb?

adjective. made conspicuous by excellence; noted; eminent; famous: a distinguished scholar.

What is skin blurring?

So what is it, exactly? Blurring is about keeping your skin as natural, dewy, and fresh as possible. This technique is about layering moisturizers and specialty products to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, texture and acne will help you achieve a youthful, blurred out look.

What is apparently mean?

What does apparently mean? Apparently means seemingly so based on the appearance of things. It’s a way of saying “it seems that” something is the case or is true. Apparently is the adverb form of the adjective apparent, which can mean readily seen, clear, obvious, or according to appearances.

What type of word is blurred?

verb (used with object), blurred, blur·ring. to obscure by making confused in form or outline; make indistinct: The fog blurred the outline of the car.

What is Blur app?

Sensitive application data can leak through screenshots taken by the user or cached by the OS. Blurring the mobile app screen can be used to obscure screenshots or block the device’s screenshots and prevent the sensitive mobile data from being exposed.

What does flurry mean?

1a : a gust of wind. b : a brief light snowfall. 2a : a brief period of commotion or excitement. b : a sudden occurrence of many things at once : barrage sense 2 a flurry of insults.

How do I spell blurry?

Correct spelling for the English word “blurry” is [blˈɜːɹɪ], [blˈɜːɹɪ], [b_l_ˈɜː_ɹ_ɪ] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Is blurriness a word?

1. To make indistinct and hazy in outline or appearance; obscure: The haze blurred the skyline.

Is blur a Scrabble word?

BLUR is a valid scrabble word.

What is the meaning of Dibbler?

: one that dibbles especially : a machine having two wheels with long rounded projections on their rims that make spaced holes in a row for transplants.

What is blur in image processing?

The blur, or smoothing, of an image removes “outlier” pixels that may be noise in the image. Blurring is an example of applying a low-pass filter to an image. In computer vision, the term “low-pass filter” applies to removing noise from an image while leaving the majority of the image intact.