Quick Answer: Is Spanish Worth Learning?

What are 5 benefits of learning Spanish?

9 Major Benefits of Learning SpanishOne of the best languages to learn for travel.

Learning Spanish makes you more employable.

It’ll keep your mind sharp.

You’ll become a better person.

A world of art, literature and beauty will open up to you.

Get a better handle on pop culture.

It won’t take you too long.

Slang will become a way of life.More items…•.

Will learning Spanish help my career?

Higher average salary. This just in (via Rosetta Stone’s research dept): professionals who speak more than one language earn 10% more on average than their monolingual counterparts. If you were lacking motivation to sign up for Spanish classes before, we’re sure you’re now reconsidering it in a new light.

What is the best language to learn after Spanish?

Your Move: 6 of the Best Languages to Learn After SpanishFrench. French might be the number one obvious choice. … Portuguese. Portuguese, of course, is already extremely similar to Spanish. … German. Lots of people say that German has hard grammar. … Arabic. … Indonesian. … Russian.

Is learning Spanish worth it in India?

The biggest attraction that pulls people to learn Spanish in India is the excellent job opportunities it provides in the ever growing BPO sector. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and it covers a huge geographic area of the globe.

Is it hard to learn Spanish?

Spanish is the hardest language to learn. … It also borrows words from other languages, such as French, Italian and Sardinian. But it’s not the vocabulary people seem to find the hardest. According to our survey, understanding native speakers was the number one challenge for Spanish students.

Why is Spanish better than English?

Both spelling and reading are easier in Spanish because each vowel has a unique sound and you can read a word as it is written. Understanding a sentence in Spanish is easier because “it happens” as you read it because of the structure of the sentences. Prepositions in English are way more confusing than in Spanish.