Quick Answer: What Does It Mean When Someone Calls You Sharp?

What does it mean to be sharp minded?

Sharp suggests an acute, sensitive, alert,penetrating quality: a sharp mind.

Keen implies observant,incisive, and vigorous: a keen intellect.

Intelligent meansnot only acute, alert, and active, but also able to reason andunderstand: an intelligent reader..

What does it mean to have a sharp face?

(ˈʃɑːpˌfiːtʃəd) or sharp-faced (ˈʃɑːpˌfeɪst) adjective. having very clearly defined facial features. Her sharp-featured face was just beginning to blur around the jawline. He was a sharp-featured, dark-haired and immaculately cleanshaven man.

How do I become mentally sharp?

6 simple steps to keep your mind sharp at any agestaying physically active.getting enough sleep.not smoking.having good social connections.limiting alcohol to no more than one drink a day.eating a Mediterranean style diet.

How can I sharpen my mind?

10 Proven Ways to Keep the Mind Sharp as You AgeExercise for a healthier mind. … Read for intellectual stimulation. … Eat healthy to stimulate your brain. … Strive for good posture. … Get plenty of sleep to improve memory. … Play games or draw. … Listen to music or play an instrument. … Learn a foreign language to boost cognitive functioning.More items…•

What is a fancy word for smart?

Words related to smart good, wise, bold, brilliant, agile, shrewd, slick, nimble, bright, brainy, canny, astute, quick, sharp, crafty, resourceful, active, energetic, throb, ache.

What does sharp mean in slang?

Sharp to me in a general meaning, means to be the best, or look really nice in articles of clothing, or it can just be a complementary word. Sharp is one of those slang terms that has to be used in the right place at the right time.

What does it mean when someone says you look sharp?

Meaning: You look really good/well-dressed. Look sharp! Meaning: Watch out! or Pay attention!

What’s another word for looking sharp?

What is another word for looking sharp?dressyformalstylishornateritzyswishdashingmodishsharpsophisticated235 more rows

What is a synonym for Sharp?

keen, acute, jagged, pointed, serrated, spiky. sudden, abrupt, distinct, extreme, marked. clear, crisp, distinct, well-defined. quick-witted, alert, astute, bright, clever, discerning, knowing, penetrating, perceptive, quick. dishonest, artful, crafty, cunning, sly, unscrupulous, wily.

What does looking good mean?

“You are looking good” is very similar and pretty much means the same thing, though it’s a lot more inclusive. You would say “You are looking good” when someone looks nice generally, but if you wanted to be specific, you would say “You look good in those shoes”, or something similar.

What things are sharp?

Sharp things 1knife.sword.chisel.saw.scissors.razor.razorblades.box cutter.More items…

Is being called Sharp a compliment?

If you describe someone as sharp, you are praising them because they are quick to notice, hear, understand, or react to things. … A sharp difference, image, or sound is very easy to see, hear, or distinguish. Many people make a sharp distinction between humans and other animals.

What is a handsome man called?

An adonis is a very handsome man, especially a young one. You’ll most commonly see this word capitalized: Adonis, though if you’re using it to mean “handsome guy,” it’s okay to use a lower-case a. …

How do you respond to looking good?

If someone says you look good, you can simply say thank you and move on. This is probably one of the easiest ways to answer “You look so good!” However, your answer may be incredibly deceiving. If it is a person who you rarely see and just walk by, saying thank you and not going into detail is a good option.

What is a sharp tongued woman?

adjective [usu ADJ n] If you describe someone as sharp-tongued, you are being critical of them for speaking in a way which is unkind though often clever. [disapproval] Julia was a very tough, sharp-tongued woman. You may also like.

What does sharp mean in time?

(8 a.m.) sharp: (8 a.m.) exactly, precisely, and not a minute later. The show starts at 7 p.m. sharp, so don’t be late or you’ll miss the beginning.

Does Sharp mean smart?

As applied to mental qualities, sharp, keen, intelligent, quick have varying implications. Sharp suggests an acute, sensitive, alert, penetrating quality: a sharp mind. … Intelligent means not only acute, alert, and active, but also able to reason and understand: an intelligent reader.

What is the difference between smart and sharp?

The difference between Sharp and Smart. … When used as adjectives, sharp means able to cut easily, whereas smart means exhibiting social ability or cleverness. Sharp is also adverb with the meaning: to a point or edge.