Quick Answer: What Happens When You Follow Someone On OfferUp?

How long does a seller have to accept an offer on OfferUp?

The seller can accept or decline the offer, but the payment isn’t made until the buyer has time to meet with the seller and inspect the item.

The seller agrees to hold the item for 6 days..

Can you see who views your OfferUp?

When you view your promotion results, you’ll see how many unique buyers viewed your item.

Can you be scammed on OfferUp?

Scammers may create fake websites that look like OfferUp and ask you to log in with your email and password. Never click on these. The other person wants to communicate outside the app. When you use OfferUp’s messaging system, you never need to give out your email address or phone number.

Are sellers protected on OfferUp?

Sellers on OfferUp are not only protected by our policies and partnerships, but also by our world-class fraud detection, automation, machine learning, and data models that make OfferUp the simplest, most trusted way to buy and sell. OfferUp teams are working full time to block and mitigate fraudulent behavior.

Is paying through OfferUp safe?

Shop safely By keeping your transaction inside OfferUp, and not using an external payment or shipping service, OfferUp can help protect you from fraud and theft. Avoid other app-based payments like Venmo and PayPal. … These payment methods are usually sources of fraud.

Does OfferUp charge a fee?

Posting and browsing items on OfferUp is free, and buying items with cash is free for both sellers and buyers. Certain transactions, like shipped items, may include service fees or shipping costs when the item is sold. … Starting with the fourth post each month, the seller pays a fee to list each vehicle.

What does the blue check mean on OfferUp?

TruYou shows buyers and sellers that they can trust you more easily. When you apply, we’ll check your state-issued ID (like a driver’s license), your cell phone number, and a selfie you take from inside the app.

Can you get a refund on OfferUp?

You can request a refund from the delivered notification you received up to 2 days after you get the item. If you don’t get a response that solves the issue, you have 2 more days to let us know by filing a claim. After that time period expires, we’ll assume you’re happy with the item and complete the transaction.

Does OfferUp refund?

On approval, OfferUp will provide return instructions, and the buyer will need to return the item accordingly. If approved, OfferUp will issue a refund up to the original price (including shipping costs) of the item sent to the original form of payment.

Should you give your phone number on OfferUp?

Only communicate through OfferUp. You should never have to give your phone number or email address to another OfferUp user. If a buyer or seller tries to move your communication to a different app or service, politely decline.

What percentage does OfferUp take?

Buyers will pay for shipping costs; sellers can list for free, but will pay OfferUp a 7.9 percent fee if the item is sold.

What does the check mean on OfferUp?

If they don’t answer, check the receipts Two white check marks like the ones below mean they’ve seen that message. One green checkmark means they haven’t seen it yet. When they don’t respond, it’s OK to continue searching for another item or buyer.

How do I see old messages on OfferUp?

Go to your Selling tab, tap on the item, and select View messages. In some cases, you may need to unarchive an item to view old messages.

What happens when someone reports you on OfferUp?

Please report suspicious or offensive user behavior and any items that violate our Posting rules. Reports are kept anonymous. You can block the person (see below for more info), too. You won’t receive further messages from them and any current message threads you have with them will also disappear.

Can I trust OfferUp?

While OfferUp is certainly safe to use, our OfferUp review found that there are plenty of precautions that users must take to avoid OfferUp scams. This is true no matter what app you choose—even the best buy and sell apps leave users vulnerable to scam artists.

How do I get paid on OfferUp?

To get paid on OfferUp, sellers collect cash in person or get paid through the app for shipping transactions.Selling locally. Usually, a seller and buyer make a tentative agreement about the price before they meet. … Selling shipped items. When shipping, sellers get paid through the OfferUp app. … After you sell.

Who pays for shipping on OfferUp?

Shipping fees vary by item and are paid by the buyer. You’ll see the specific price when you view item details, so you’ll know the total cost before you make your offer. Shipping fees are typically at a minimum of $5. The shipping cost is added to the final amount that you’re charged.

Are offer up sales final?

Except as provided in Section 5(H), or as otherwise expressly agreed upon by OfferUp, all sales of Paid Services (including any Subscription Services) are final and there are no refunds.

How long does it take to get a refund from OfferUp?

Typically, if an item isn’t shipped within six days of payment, OfferUp will refund the buyer’s payment automatically and cancel the order. It may take between three and five business days for the funds to be available in your account.

How do you follow someone on offer up?

Follow people on OfferUp if you’re interested in what they’re selling and want to keep up with their posts….Follow someone from their profileTap the person’s name to open their profile.Scroll to Connections.Tap their Follow button.You can also find a Follow button on their profile’s My Offers tab.

Can I cancel a purchase on OfferUp?

Navigate to the Transactions tab. Tap the item you want to cancel. Tap View receipt and scroll down toward the end of the receipt. Tap Cancel order.

How do I accept offer on OfferUp?

You’ll get offers from interested buyers in your messages. Offers, open the item you’re selling, and read the messages there. Then reply to the buyer to discuss their offer or accept it.

Is OfferUp connected to Facebook?

Link your Facebook account to connect with your Facebook friends who also buy and sell on OfferUp. If you’re creating a new OfferUp account, you can log in with your Facebook info and link your accounts automatically.