Quick Answer: What Stores Can I Load Money On My Cash APP Card?

Can I load my cash APP card at Walgreens?

You can load money to Cash App card sat different stores.

At all the stores you also get the re-loading service to put money onto your card.

Wal-Mart, CVS drugs, Walgreens, is some of the major pre-paid cards..

Can I load my cash APP card at Dollar General?

Can I load out my Cash App Card at Dollar General? Yes, it is possible to add money to a cash cards at dollar general stores and 7-Eleven stores.

How do I put money on my cash App?

To add cash to your Cash App balance:Tap the Banking tab on your Cash App home screen.Press Add Cash.Choose an amount.Tap Add.Use Touch ID or enter your PIN to confirm.

Can you load a cash APP card at CVS?

You certainly can, and even better you can add or load money on your Cash App card at CVS stores in the USA. You can head over to any CVS store in the USA. Once your there simply head over to the cash counter and ask them to load/add money onto your Cash App card.

Can you load a cash APP card at Walmart?

Yes, you can reload money on Walmarts cash app. card. If you do through a cashier there may be a small fee that applies.

How long does it take to add cash to cash App?

one to three daysMoney can be sent and received instantly through the app, according to the site. Adding or depositing money to your Cash App account can take from one to three days, depending on your bank, the site reports.