Quick Answer: Why My Grab App Is Not Working?

How do I transfer my account to my new phone?

At the top right corner, click on the Connect account to Grab App option.

Fill in your new mobile number.

Then tap on the Get Verification Code button.

You’ll receive a push notification with a verification code in your Grab app..

How do I activate my grab app?

Create a Grab accountDownload and install Grab app from Play Store (Android) / App Store (iOS)Choose one of account creation (Google, Facebook, or Phone Number)Complete all required data with an active email/Facebook account and phone number.You will receive an SMS OTP contains 4-digit code (IMPORTANT! … Congrats!

Why can’t I book in grab?

Your internet connection may be unstable. We may not be able to process your booking request if the connection keeps breaking up. Try this instead: Make sure that your device has access to a stable Wi-Fi connection, or that your mobile data connection is switched on.

How do I reset grab?

Setting up and Resetting your Grab PINFrom the menu, tap on Settings > Set up a PIN.From the menu, tap on Settings > Update PIN.Reminder: After the PIN reset, the system will automatically restore cashless but all registered cards will be removed.

How do I update my grab app?

Here’s how:From the homepage tap on “Account” (bottom-right icon)Tap on “Edit Profile” (below your account name)Tap on “Edit” (top-right)Enter your Grab PIN if you have it set up.Ensure that all of your details are complete and accurate: Full Name, Mobile Number, Email Address.Tap on “Save” (top-right)More items…

How do I activate my wallet?

Have a valid government ID ready.Have a valid government ID ready. … Launch the Grab app.Go into your GrabPay wallet by tapping on the Payment icon on your bottom navigation bar.On your GrabPay wallet screen, tap on “Confirm Your Identity”. (More items…•